What is Evergreen content?

When you’re writing blog posts for your niche website you’re creating valuable content that hopefully visitors will read, find useful and share with others, and that search engines will use to decide if you are an authority on your chosen topic.

Since ideally you don’t want to be writing new content every day or every week, you’d prefer to go on an extended holiday while your monthly bills are paid for by passive income generated from your niche website. If you think of things to write about that are ‘evergreen’ then your content should keep driving traffic to your site theoretically forever long after you’ve retired to the beach.

But what are examples of evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is not dependent on being fresh and up to date to be relevant. Some good examples include:

  • General health and fitness advice (but not necessarily specific diet or exercise fads)
  • Gardening, DIY and decorating advice
  • Book and music reviews
  • Car reviews and automotive related content (since cars don’t change very frequently compared to say, mobile phones, and live on for a long time due to used car sales and classic car enthusiasts)
  • Business advice

Travel content falls somewhere in between – restaurants and hotels are always closing and reopening, tourist attractions and shopping districts often changing, and trains and planes and different routes and fastest ways of getting around are always changing, but general travel advice stays relevant for many years (just ask Lonely Planet!).

Examples of content that isn’t evergreen would include things like:

  • Hollywood gossip and movie news and rumours
  • Current affairs, politics, opinion pieces and news, as well as the same for sports and sports results
  • Technology and gadget news and reviews, smartphones and computer games, because that industry moves so fast
  • Reviews of products in other industries that change frequently, like cameras, or food

Examples of posts that aren’t evergreen regardless of the topic would also include weekly or monthly roundups.

What examples can you think of? Comment below.