This is the best, free, easy way to claim your PPI refund

There’s too many scams and claims agencies trying to take your money and it must be working because the TV, the telemarketing and internet advertising are full of PPI ads even now people are getting wise to it.

But as we previously wrote (see our how to claim PPI for free guide) it’s not only free to claim and easy to do yourself, but the banks will basically give out money to anyone who files a claim regardless of whether you actually had PPI or not.

And it just got even easier to claim it yourself without paying a percentage of what you get back to the claims agent – complaints management service Resolver has now set up an easy, free do it yourself PPI claims systems, and they have all the relevant contact details for all the banks all programmed into their system so all you have to do is enter your name and address details and answer a couple of simple questions. We filed three complaints ourselves through their site and within a week (within a day in one case) had an acknowledgement from all three banks that they were processing our claim.

Ambulance chasers don’t want you to know this secret free way to find out if you are owed PPI compensation

Here’s a secret method ambulance chasing claims companies who want a percentage of the refund in exchange for processing your claim don’t want you to know. Are you ready? Here it is. It’s a good one, you might be shocked:


Here’s another secret both they AND the banks don’t want you to know: the banks are going to refund everybody who they have a record of holding an account as long as you write to claim, and they aren’t going to spend any time actually investigating the specific details of your complaint, as that would just waste money they have already written off and because it is cheaper to just refund everybody who claims than to spend time investigating them.

So just send your bank a claim letter like described here (skip to the Step by Step part):