Are we in a cryptocurrency bubble?

Below is a live chart from Google Trends showing the proportion of searches for ‘bitcoin bubble’ and ‘cryptocurrency bubble’ compared to search for bitcoin and related terms individually. Theoretically, as the proportion of searches about crypto bubbles increases, especially if it increases relative to generic searches, that might be taken as an indicator that a bubble is forming and traders need to be careful of it bursting. Equally, be mindful that a low ratio might give you false sense of security due to confirmation bias! At the time of writing, the ‘bubble’ terms are all so insignificant they appear flat in the chart. But this chart will update live so keep coming back to it regularly to see changes.

Again, at the time of writing, although the scale of the chart means it does not show, there is a small upwards trend in the bubble related searches but if you click on the Google Trends icon to go to google trends, you can then play with the chart and add or remove more keywords for your own research.

P.S. I have no idea what the scale is, seems that ‘100’ is just whatever the current largest number of searches is for a keyword i.e. 100%, which isn’t very useful, since the number of searches is in millions.

P.P.S Here’s another chart showing more recent history, and just the keywords regarding bubbles since the Bitcoin keyword on its own dwarfs the others.