Why your marketing emails keep ending up in the spam folder

So you’ve employed an expensive digital marketing agency and bought an overpriced eCRM emailer system, and you’re paying for designers, copywriters, HTML developers and analysts to make you fancy emails to send out in clever A/B test groups to all your  Continue reading  

If you’re still using UsableNet or NetBiscuits, you’re fucked

Starting about now, after a period of testing, Google is switching over to a mobile-first search index. This means that search results will be based on the content seen on the mobile version of your website even if there is more content on the desktop version, and depending on how you are supporting mobile browsing, that could be a problem. Continue reading  

Using Angular JS with AEM CMS

It’s increasingly necessary to use MVC or MVVM JavaScript frameworks in integration with content management systems, to do session specific page assembly on the client side by directly accessing web services APIs. With AEM this is almost always necessary for any high traffic, dynamic website Continue reading  

What is Evergreen content?

When you’re writing blog posts for your niche website you’re creating valuable content that hopefully visitors will read, find useful and share with others, and that search engines will use to decide if you are an authority on your chosen topic. Continue reading