Organisational transformation is all about people, dummy

For transformation projects to succeed, they require the people that make up the organisation being transformed to be bought into and actively involved in the transformation. Continue reading  

This is why your agency is terrible at software projects

You’re an advertising agency. You are increasingly being asked to do software development projects for your clients. Project to build websites – small ones that integrate with Facebook and collect names and email addresses, big ones that support daily content updates and ecommerce features for international businesses – or to build mobile apps on iPhone and Android, or to try and apply big data analysis to the reams of data about your client’s customers that you have collected, almost certainly without getting proper permission and without adhering to safe storage practices for private data.

None of these projects ever seem to make a profit, but you have to do them, because there isn’t any other work left. You think the solution is that you need to learn how to use ‘Agile’, but some of your team said they tried that in other companies before and it didn’t work and they ended up overburning and overrunning even more than when they tried to do it ‘waterfall’. Continue reading