In 2017 should I be using meta keywords?

It’s 2017 and the formerly mandatory SEO technique of using the “meta keywords” directive in your HTML header to identify what your page is about, is not just no longer a recommended practice Continue reading  

Update your WordPress blog update services with this complete list of ping URLs – updated January 2017

Setting your blog CMS to send a ‘ping’ every time you ┬áis a great SEO trick to help ensure your posts get indexed, and indexed quickly, by search engines and blog aggregators.

Out of the box, WordPress defaults to sending a ping to pingomatic’s update service when you publish or update a post, which in theory relays that ping to every other blog ping service out there – but recently we’ve noticed pingomatic doesn’t seem to be working as reliably as it used to, and WordPress’s own page on Update Services is woefully out of date and full of broken links. Continue reading