Best white hat SEO practices

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10 never before revealed secrets about Symbian OS

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What’s a nitch website?

A nitch website is a niche website, mispronounced by Americans who think ‘niche’ is pronounced ‘nitch’. Niche is of course pronounced ‘neesh’. But Americans don’t know that. Much like they don’t know that burglarise is a redundant word because there is already a verb ‘to burgle’ which is where the word burglar derives from in the first place. This kind of broken thinking will ultimately lead to the word ‘burglariseriser’. Back at university we knew a girl called Meagan Wyckoff who was so dumb, not only did she spell her name ‘Meagan’ but she thought the word ‘margarine’ was pronounced the same as ‘mandarin’ rather than like ‘submarine’.

Go here for more information about what NICHE websites are.

Why your marketing emails keep ending up in the spam folder

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