If you’re still using UsableNet or NetBiscuits, you’re fucked

Starting about now, after a period of testing, Google is switching over to a mobile-first search index. This means that search results will be based on the content seen on the mobile version of your website even if there is more content on the desktop version, and depending on how you are supporting mobile browsing, that could be a problem. Continue reading  

Organisational transformation is all about people, dummy

For transformation projects to succeed, they require the people that make up the organisation being transformed to be bought into and actively involved in the transformation. Continue reading  

Native advertising only works because it’s dishonest

Everyone talks about how native advertising is the future, because it’s the only advertising you (a) can’t block and (b) that customers bother to engage with any more Continue reading  

Symbian OS – one of the most successful failures in tech history

This post by us originally appeared on Techcrunch in 2010.

Symbian is the biggest smartphone operating system by market share, the oldest smartphone platform still in use, used by almost every major OEM at one time or another. Yet one could be forgiven for thinking Symbian is dead and buried, with news of layoffs at Nokia, management departures at the Symbian Foundation and rough reviews of the latest flagship N8 device. How does a platform powering 9 million new devices every month have almost no credibility with developers, analysts and press alike? This is the story of one of the most successful failures in tech history. Continue reading