Only 23% of display adverts on London Transport work on mobile

Over at the Marketing Week Live blog we’ve just published our research into display ads on London Transport that shows only 23% of current campaigns containing URLs or QR codes have mobile friendly landing pages. If you would like to know how we¬†can help you take your existing content mobile quickly and easily, please get in touch.

What’s disappointing about these figures is that some of the advertisers not only should be supporting mobile, but some of them should probably be taking a mobile first strategy, especially those dealing medical and private issues, such as or and as our usage data shows that visitors are more likely to be using a mobile than an office PC or shared family computer.

We want to get your existing sites and content onto mobile and all the other new web channels including tablets and web TV. We do it without transcoding or screen scraping solutions, and we do it right, making sure that we:

  • Keep existing content/catalogue management workflows
  • Keep your URL hierarchy and the benefit of your existing SEO
  • Give you complete freedom of design without recourse to cookie-cutter templates
  • Integrate with your existing analytics and ads
  • and build a future proof platform for extending beyond mobile